Dear Traveller,

While the world is still battling to find long-term solutions and coordinated guidelines between the countries to make sure that travelling can once again become an enjoyable and valuable experience, we have dedicated our time to reschedule our tours to 2022 and beyond.

Our mission statement from 2020 to 21 still holds true. We know that international travel is in a fragile state. Our booking and deposit procedures are going to be as “traveller friendly” as possible, considering that we arrange niche market tours, with special events and themes. Governments, airlines and suppliers and their guidelines will impact how we will be able to travel and we will adapt and adjust accordingly.

Please click on “TOURS” for our 2022-23 programs. Anyone who was signed up on a 2020 or 2021 tour, can stay booked/committed and will keep their priority status, along with the incentive from the original postponement.

We expect a high interest level for all our tours and sold-out programs. Should you wish to secure a spot on any of our tours, please send us the reservation form (without deposit), or indicate your interest by calling or emailing us. At the end of the summer, we will provide the newly set-up payment plan for each tour, as well as the terms and conditions.

At Special Travel International, we cannot wait to take to the skies again, exploring the beautiful and diverse countries with our loyal travellers and visiting friends around the world.

Your STI team
July 2021