Kai Gleusteen & Catherine Ordronneau


Since 1999 when they first began to work together, Kai Gleusteen and Catherine Ordronneau have established themselves as one of the most important European violin and piano duos. Having performed more than 100 recitals in Europe, Canada and the USA, they are praised for their unique partnership, “playing under the control of a single intelligence”, and for the emotional power of their interpretations.

Recent projects include touring the USA in performance with the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, recitals in both Chicago and San Francisco and a gala concert in the prestigious Hôtel de Ville of Paris.

Their repertoire encompasses most of the great sonatas for violin and piano, as well as a myriad of short pieces representing the countries where they perform. They have recorded extensively on the AVIE label.

Kai Gleusteen and Catherine Ordronneau have hosted and travelled on numerous tours with Special Travel International, including our Classical Music Cruise on the Danube in 2015, our Classical Music Cruise in the Rhone Valley in 2016, and our Vietnam, Cambodia and the Riches of the Mekong in 2017.

Artists’ website: www.gleusteen.com

Upcoming tours: www.sticanada.com/the-eternal-danube

2018 feature tour video: The Eternal Danube

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