Chloe Meyers


Violinist Chloe Meyers is concert master of Vancouver’s Pacific Baroque Orchestra, as she has recently made her home in the Pacific Northwest.

In pursuit of her professional studies at both the University of Victoria and McGill University in Montreal, she was introduced to, and fell in love with, the baroque violin.

Chloe has regularly played principal second with Montreal’s Arion Baroque Orchestra and has recently been an invited guest soloist with the Seattle Baroque Orchestra and Pacific MusicWorks. Chloe has performed with, among others, Les Violons du Roy, Tafelmusik, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Les Boréades, the Theatre of Early Music and Les Idées Heureuses.

In May 2018, Chloe Meyers will join Special Travel International’s first cruise on the Elbe from Prague through Berlin, travelling through the heartland of J.S. Bach, and in the crucible of early music in central Europe. Together with Alexander Weimann and Nate Helgeson, Chloe Meyers will be performing music from Bohemia, the legendary court chapel in Dresden, the land of Martin Luther, and from the world of Bach, Telemann and Handel.

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