Summer 2021 update: Revival 2022 tours

Dear Traveller, While the world is still battling to find long-term solutions and coordinated guidelines between the countries to make sure that travelling can once again become an enjoyable and valuable experience, we have dedicated our time to reschedule our tours to 2022 and beyond.Our mission statement from 2020 to 21 still holds true. We know that international travel is in a fragile state. Our booking and deposit procedures are going to be as “traveller...

Spring 2021 update: Revival 2021-22 tours

Dear Traveller, Here we are, over a year after our lives and travel plans hit a massive roadblock. Our wonderful 2020 tours were cancelled and postponed until 2021. In light of the still sluggish movements on many fronts – vaccine distributions, coordinated government measures by all countries, actions and reactions by suppliers – we have to move most of our programs to 2022. While domestic travel might become a possibility as the year moves along,...

Summer 2020 Update: Cautious 2021 Program Re-Launch

Dear Traveller, Half a year has passed since the “normal” times we enjoyed – in Canada amongst other countries – took a very sharp turn on to a road of uncertainty. Instead of looking after many of our loyal travellers on various tours throughout the world, we had to cancel our entire line-up of tours for 2020 and have been spending our time processing refunds and assisting with insurance claim procedures.In the meantime, we are...

On the Horizon for 2024-25

Travel the world with like-minded people, and discover how much shared enthusiasm increases your enjoyment of experiences tailored to your interests. All while you enjoy all the comfort and reassurance of traveling in a group. We believe in making extraordinary memories with friends, exceptional service and ethical business conducted with proven local partners.

Special Travel crafts unique tours for choirs, sport teams and many other special interest groups.

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