Rome - Anzio - Florence - Cassino - Liri Valley - Ortona - Rimini - Venice

June 6–19, 2022 (14 days)


✔ Follow in the footsteps of our Canadian soldiers, who fought in the 1943-45 Italian Campaign, a key chapter in the liberation of Europe.

✔ Honour the contributions of the D-Day Dodgers in the fight against tyranny; explore the key battle areas of Anzio, Monte Cassino, the Liri Valley, Ortona, Coriano Ridge and others with Military Historian Karen Storwick.

✔ Visit the memorials and war cemeteries of Cassino, the largest British and Commonwealth cemetery in Italy, the Moro River, Gradara, Montecchio, Coriano Ridge, Ravenna and Villanova.

✔ Explore the beautiful cities of Rome, Florence, San Marino, Rimini and Venice.