One River, Four Capitals: An Odyssey Along The Danube

From its Black Forest source to the Black Sea delta, Europe’s second-largest river passes through 10 delightfully diverse, dependably scenic countries, including Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and on to the Balkans.

A Tour of the Loire Valley Châteaux

The Loire Valley châteaux are a bit like buses: you wait ages for one to come along, then suddenly five show up together. There’s no doubt that the region is a great spot for castle-hopping but it is good to be discerning among so many options.

Zanzibar - Exotic African Island

The name Zanzibar is an Arabic word that is translated as 'the coast of black people'. The Zanzibar archipelago is a series of islands in the Indian Ocean about 25- 45 kilometers from the mainland Republic of Tanzania.

Golf Along the Landing Beaches of Normandy

A great idea was born by Robb Lucy when he and his father, a veteran of WWII and avid golfer visited the beaches of Normandy: to go and play the game they loved on these hallowed grounds. Robb promoted the idea of combining golf and history and with the right assistance and enthusiastic support of a great Alberta Golf Course, Glencoe Golf and Country Club – the dream is about to become reality in September 2018. A great opportunity awaits...

Vienna - Cradle of Classical Music

Every night in Vienna around 10,000 music fans are treated to live classical music, something that is simply unheard of in any other city in the world. Each year the Vienna concert schedule includes more than 15,000 events of various sizes and genres.

Video: Normandy WW2 Landing Beaches

It may not be the most joyful travel experience you have in Northern France, but for families of veterans, and any grateful citizen, a visit to the World War 2 Landing Beaches in Normandy creates a lifetime of memories.

On the Horizon for 2022-23

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