George Zukerman

Happy 94th birthday to our Music Director and Canadian bassoon legend, George Zukerman, OC, OBC.  
When Gery Valtiner, Program Director of Special Travel International, first met George Zukerman through a common friend in 2013, no one knew how big the impact of this first meeting would be on our niche market programs. A wonderful brand of tours based on creativity and quality with a personal touch, combining travel and exquisite high-end classical music by great artists was born. 
Now, in 2021, we are thrilled to congratulate George on his birthday. 
The current epidemic has made it tough on all of us and has also slowed down our plans for the upcoming Classical Music projects, which we are designing in cooperation with George. Instead, we all have to sit tight, await major improvements to the current situation and at the same time relish in the memories of the great programs of the past years on the Danube, Rhone, Douro, Elbe and Rhine rivers.  
When we designed our Classical Music Logo, we ensured that “a little bit” of George’s spirit is with us when we send out any notes to our loyal travellers. If you look closely, you will find the initials GZ in the globe of our logo, which is very fitting as travel and music have always been George’s passions. 

Top left: George Zukerman and his bassoon 
Top right: Gery Valtiner and George Zukerman on tour 
Bottom: STI’s Classical Music Logo  
Barbara Risto, owner and publisher of Inspired 55+ Lifestyle Magazine, wrote a wonderful article on parts of George’s life and we are happy to share it here with all of you. Please click here for a glimpse into the life of a music legend.  
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GEORGE! We are proud to know you.  
George loves to spend time with his peers, artists from around the world and talk music  
Left: George with the Gleusteen-Ordronneau Duo on our 2015 Danube cruise 
Right: George with the Bergmann Duo and Julie Nesrallah on our 2017 Douro cruise   
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