Our office was established in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1989. The company's founders come from an extensive background in the tour guiding industry. Having guided tours throughout Europe and North America we know what is important to have a successful tour. Being raised in Europe, we know the regions and customs thoroughly; and for our European guests traveling to North America, we are aware of what they expect from a trip across the Atlantic.

From creating the itinerary (which is done as a team with the group organizer) to having the right services on the tour there are many details involved – and we are here to make sure that it will be a great experience for you and your group.

Being a small company we pride ourselves in service, personal touch and our care for details. Value for your money and quality of service are our priorities and we are proud to know that people come back to us time and time again for wonderful tours tailored to their specific needs.

We enjoy working on special projects and finding the perfect set up for each tour. People are different – so each and every tour is different. With this individuality in mind, we go the extra mile to make sure each tour is uniquely memorable. We also realize that for many travelers a certain trip might be the trip of a lifetime, and we want to do our part to make sure the tour is superlative.

We would certainly enjoy the opportunity to work with you on your next tour!

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